black shark

stainless steel case



In 1982, first diver of Reef Tiger is born

under the name of "black shark", since then with

constant and improving

the designs, performance of Reef Tiger diver watches

has a , as always

being a of courage and power, black sharp

wristwatches have been passed down to use until

nowadays. Through water testings,

strict requirement in performance, Reef Tiger divers

watch have kinds of problems

may occur under deep water. 2014 new published 100

meter water resistant Reef Tiger "black shark" well

combined sports style and high performance

technology, fitted with stainless steel case and magnesium

alloy case back going with a rubber ,offering

two styles of black and white dial for .


As a sport-typed diver watch, black shark wristwatch a

strong sense of sport, by using case design to stick

out the design and shape. Black index on stainless

steel is simple clear, given up using standard

marker but to large of coating so to

make the wearer can easily read the time under water.

Black shark series use Super-LumiNova as material to build

the luminous dot to last 10 hours long ,

of the hands, index or dial all are with

special treatments, particular shining in darkness, once a

glance, the wearer is able to easily read the time.

  rubber strap

   Either swing your arms or operate the instrument, both require          movement, wristwatch has to be fitted on wrist, although stainless steel       is by powerful and high ,      chemical composition of still could easily cause corrosion, so black        shark series particularly arm with great of water-resistance and              corrosion resistance rubber strap that is imported from , not just              having  great and corrosion-resistant performance, but more            with high . Considering these unique features of diver        watches, black    shark wristwatch employ with strap to go with the        watch, that can be    straightly put onto the diver suit offering a more                    comfortable wearing experience  and more convenient to read time.


To test a diver watch whether comes with a good performance or not, one most essential function is water resistance. Black shark power by water resistance up to 100 meters, wearer can freely explore his under seawater adventure by wearing this watch. For a watch, crown plays a really important role for it by connecting outside and movement, meanwhile, also the part being most fragile part might be wet by water, once a slight careless may lead into the watch got wet, in a more situation, only the is affected, if worse, the whole watch may get . Reef Tiger diver watch apply unique in crown design that only is used by diver watch, just like a screw, be to deep inside of the case, so a sealed is formed to water outside, water resistance of the watch is very . Besides, black shark wristwatch brings to extra-thicker and deeper pattern on the screw-in crown, more smooth operation with less and handy to operate on of great water resistant function.


Apart from water resistant function, another function

is timing underwater. Due to limit by the restricted oxygen,

countdown warning is for diver, more strictly speaking,

it matters the life of the diver, Reef Tiger bezel can

provide diver most countdown time, so to ensure

they can fully with their work to their


ultra-thin R-ST1812

automatic movement

Each black shark watch is endowed with Reef Tiger ultra-thin R-ST1812 automatic movement, runs rather preciously. New generation of Reef Tiger diver watch carrying a case back made of magnesium alloy having same and as steel, but functioning better and water resistance, most importantly, it's much lighter than steel in terms of weight, so this seemingly watch is perfect to wear, won't cause stress to wrist.