Aurora Turbo-Reef Tiger Mens Watches

Posted onDec 5, 2017 9:33:16 PM By admin admin

Aurora Turbo series is the most Avant-garde and the most powerful in Reef Tiger wristwatch. To further expand the Aurora series in Sport watches, Reef Tiger create a stunning watch with complex process. Combining the quality of traditional sport watches with the fighter aircraft engine turbine, which is an incisive and vivid explanation. It seems the wrist is wearing a pair of fighter engine. 

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Lover Stars - Reef Tiger Womens Watches

Posted onNov 6, 2017 9:15:50 PM By admin admin

When love is coming, promises, a solemn pledge of love, forever love, is not too much whatever adjective is used to describe the crazy for love. What it shows is the heart leaps up at the time of the initial encounter. The hot time of love is the most impressive memory for many people. At this time, love is flashy and fervor; It is passion and impulse.

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2017 New Design - Classic Heritage II Men Watches

Posted onSep 6, 2017 11:05:53 PM By admin admin

Handed down from ancient times series show the time and date in the simply way, and expressed the respect to tradition. On the basis of classic watch, and the combination of fashion, make it have the design and application of new feeling .It is a perfect inheritance from reeftiger hundreded watchmaker .This watch of wrist of the second generation handed down from ancient times between single and not easy ,though it is design by simply low-key ,its ergonomic curve il ,religious  stone, yellow coating and stainless steel reach to perfect combination. The design convey the inside collect ,the pursuit of elegant image of the product.

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2017 New Design - Aurora Sea Wolf Men Watches

Posted onSep 6, 2017 10:41:09 PM By admin admin

Aurora Seawolf series is the most solid and durable wristwatch in all Reef Tiger watches. To further expand Aurora Seawolf series of sport watches, Reef Tiger has made a kind of wristwatch with stunning complicated workmanship. It is to fully interpret the function of column-wheel flyback chronograph and deep diving for traditional sport watches. The launch of Aurora Seawolf watches is inspired by the imagination of deep sea. It shows the ecology and reproduction of life in the deep sea with luminous, ocean waves and mechanical texture, combined with the material of the Seawolf submarine, to create an attack value watch.

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2017 New Design - Seattle Sea Hawk Men Watches

Posted onSep 6, 2017 8:39:40 PM By admin admin


Creativity and quality are eternity theme for mechanical watches. Seattle Sea hawk watch was inspired from hovered Sea hawk on the sea, makes the heart of the mechanical watch, hairspring balance pendulum system redesign at 9 o’clock. The use of stone, carved plywood makes the whole piece of wristwatch present an aggressive momentum. Reef Tiger adds glory to your entrepreneurial journey with superb watch making techniques and unique design ideas.

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