Few people can set forth the concept of time, but the star light from the Ursa Major through centuries, mottled cracks on the ruins of the Parthenon, or the ticking sound of the watch pointer, all are the masterpiece of time. Reef Tiger RT launched new Time-Matic calendar wrist watch, concentrated the time, day of week, calendar, moon phase on the watch, to display its unique beauty of the passage of time.

The size of Time-Matic watch is 44mm, stable and lofty. But it uses mouth adduction design, the dial surface is only 33mm; wearing it also sense refined and elegant.

Reef Tiger designer use yoga balance ideological, to achive calendar, week, month, moon phase functions on the limited surface of dial. The big calendar dial place at 12 o'clock, the week dial place at 3 o'clock and the month dial place at 9 o'clock. The layout is smart but well arranged.

For harmony, the calendar pointer and the tail of the second hand is also designed to circular, to correspond the moon phase dial. The hour hand and minute hand is designed to special hollow shape, what even better is their tails are painted with white oil, integrated with the white time scale track.

Unlike general watches crescent-shaped moon phase design, the Time Traveller use round circle to display panoramic moon phase. Giving a feeling that the passage of time is all under control. And the tone of the dial is also round circular design, symbolizing life unity, completeness and happiness.



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