316L stainless steel

Watch case, watch ring, watch band, etc, made with advanced imported 316L stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion by weak medium such as air, steam and water.

Rust resistance, high heat resistance.Fine polishing, no dead Angle, no air bell.As clear as a mirror, is on a par with white gold.High hardness with excellent corrosion resistance.The internal structure of the watch works well with high performance protection.

RT8201 movement

As we all know, movement is the heart of the watch.The stability of the movement is directly related to the life of the watch.Reef Tiger developed RT8201 movement, ruby bearing movement, 216000 bpm.To ensure the daily trend, its error rate is not more than 5 seconds.It is the core of the Swiss watchmaking process of Reef Tiger.


Double press butterfly buckle

The buckle of this wrist watch is excellent double press automatic butterfly buckle, press gently on both sides, can pop open. The watch is easy to wear and is comfortable.