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Movement Overview: Reef Tiger re-modified R-ST2130 is the movement with calendar window at 3 o’clock and basic function of center hour, minute and second indication. Since developed and put into market use in 2005, until nowadays, it have already been a mature and stable automatic movement that aim at providing customers a particular movement with high accuracy, low error rate on par with international grade yet in an accessible price to most customers.

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Professional Adjustment: each movement used by Reef Tiger must be hand adjusted, oiling and undergoing other sets of adjustments by professional watchmakers before assembly so to ensure high accuracy of each movement with error rate controlled under 4 seconds (+6/-4 seconds to COSC criterion), materials and tools used to adjustment are all from Swiss.

Movements have been adjusted can be successively used approximately 3 years without extra maintenance.

Decorative Finish: R-ST2130, based on ETA 2824-2, is the automatic movement that have been professional designed and developed by Reef Tiger watch team, rotor and plates are respectively decorated by Geneva stripes and perlage, jewel on balance bridge also has been processed with mirror-polishing, significantly improved its glossiness. Fasten screws and other sharp parts are re-polished to make it rounded and smoother by manner of beveling, other than stability, it also features a beautiful outlook.

High Frequency Low Error: R-ST2130 beat at a high frequency of 28800 vph better ensured its accuracy. Standard speaking, high frequency movement admittedly can improve a watch accuracy but also bound to a lower stability. Reef Tiger professional watch team re-adjust it in this regard, making it possess high accuracy and stability at the same time, notably improves the overall performance of the movement.

Longer Power Reserve: this movement is increased power reserve to 42 hours, meanwhile followed by higher winding efficiency. Wearer don’t have to frequently winding the watch any more like average watches, and also no need worry about it will run inaccurate due to insufficient winding.

Higher Accuracy and Stability: most of high frequency movement appears to have daily error between 10-20 seconds, but R-ST2130 movement can meet up with high accuracy of 1-6 seconds after six position adjustments (crown up/down/left/right, dial up/down), moreover also having a greater stability.

26J Higher Durability: currently, most movements on market can be found are 25J, however, R-ST2130 is 26J. Relatively speaking, more jewels on a movement stand for higher wear resistance, can better link up the bridges and components, so to reduce movement wear and prolong movement longevity.

Finally, R-ST2130 compare with ETA2824-2.

  R-ST2130  ETA 2824-2 
 Diameter   26mm  25.6mm
 Thickness 4.8mm   4.6mm
 Functions  Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date Hours,Minutes,Seconds,Date 
 Beats  28.800 vibrations per hour; 4 Hz.  28.800 vibrations per hour; 4 Hz.
 Jewels  26 Jewels  25 Jewels
 Power Reserve  42 Hours  38 Hours
 Rate  -6 to +6 seconds per day  -12 to +12 seconds per day


In addition to the thickness of the movement.

In terms of performance, R-ST2130 and eta2824-2 is almost the same. This shows R-ST2130 is the king of cost-effective.

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