Reef Tiger Artist Series Grand Master watches express the elegant of classic watches. The classic aesthetic design combined with excellent technical performance, represent the quality and reliability of Reef Tiger watches. The Artist Series watches started "1000 hours testing" since 2008, the technical specifications established in the test by now has become a standard of every Reef Tiger watch.

The Reef Tiger Grand Master watch has sophisticated high level design. The power reserve display at 10 o'clock position in the dial. The RT7180 self-winding movement can provide approximately 43 hours power reserve. The pointer-type date displays at 3 o'clock position. We can use the accessory tool to adjust the date, by pressing the correction button at 2 o'clock position of the watch case. But note that do not adjust the date during 8:30-3:30, because during this time the date display is going to automatically change. The small second hand displays at 6 o'clock position, implying every second counts. Right now the Reef Tiger Grand Master watches have 2 models available: Stainless Steel model / Rose Gold model.

The Grand Master watch integrate with traditional elements: the 41mm diameter and 10mm thickness watch case is elegant, and brings with mellow texture; the arc design with the gear-shaped bezel head present a strong retro flavor. To match with the round watch case, the watch lugs is L-shape designed, but use screws to connect the lugs and the strap. The rough feeling screws match with fine lugs, providing a special sense of beauty.

The movement of Grand Master watch is inspired by master Michelangelo of Renaissance. Use carving craftskill to re-engrave and polish the watch movement, let us feel the beautiful of time passing.


In order to highlight the beauty of the movement rotation, the Grand Master watch only have hour hand and minute hand. The willow-shape pointers showing French elegance, correspond with sword-shape time scales, refined and smart. 

The Grand Master watches using imported Italian calfskin strap, and with a specially designed folding clasp. Soft and comfortable strap, beautiful and streamline clasp, expressing the exquisite taste.