Reef Tiger R-ST1812 movement

Reef Tiger R-ST1812 is a movement developed and updated from Seagull backbone ST1812 movement that is an ultra-thin three hands movement made by Seagull factory, ST1812 movement itself already being a movement with excellent performance, frequency of 28800 vpn and thickness of 3.9mm, made by advanced watchmaking technology and top class of material, so it bounds to have better performance in both movement structure and performance. Reef Tiger uses this movement as based movement to process further treatments of adjustment, oiling and polishing, so to endow R-ST1812 movement having greater stability and durability, daily error can be reduced to 4 seconds after four positions adjusted.

R-ST1812 is a bi-directional winding movement, frequency of 28800 vpn, 21J, 41 hours power reserve, with hacking and quick date set functions, regardless of on movement main plate or bridges, all processed with very delicate and beautiful polishing, particular the rotor part showing an intense polishing, so to make the entire movement has a great deal of improvement in aesthetics. By adopting ball bearing on rotor pivot, not just increase its flexibility of rotor but also decrease the malfunction chance, and it also stands for the movement is inherent with a stronger shock-resistance to the rotor. As for the insufficient winding often happen on original ST1812, this updated R-ST1812 spring weighs about 75% proportion to the barrel, so can ensure its long power reserve of 41 hours, and you must be aware of that standard movement spring only take about 50% position to the barrel,

A good movement isn’t determined by whether it has complicated structure or not, but on the contrary, armed with less components to further undertake the designs, then combined with other aspects of consideration to establish a stable and efficient mechanism, and this is the most important factor to say a movement is good or not. R-ST1812 movement is about 25.6mm in diameter, 3.6mm in thickness, smaller and thinner over average movement, easily to repair when any issue occurs, meanwhile, it’s also a great base movement, many extended complicated functions can be created on basis of this movement.

R-ST1812 is a perfect design movement combined many other outer factors, it uses international advanced technologies, no matter in selection of the material or the designs, it all shows obvious advantages, is definitely a trustable and reliable movement on market.