Our watches are manufactured in our headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. Each Reef Tiger line has its own specialities and individual features. But they all have one thing in common: uncompromising SWISS MADE quality. With us, high quality comes as standard. Our watches are all equipped with scratchproof sapphire crystals, some of which are anti-reflective. The cases are watertight and flawlessly manufactured. In the finishing of our dials we use top-class materials such as diamonds, Swarovski stones or mother of pearl. Your expert Reef Tiger dealer will be pleased to show you other quality extras we offer. All models in the Master Series are marked with the official seal of approval of the independent COSC (Official Swiss Chronometer Control)

Anti-Reflective Coating

A thin, transparent layer on the inside of the crystal that diffuses reflected light.



The movement of the wrist causes the oscillating weight to turn, winding the mechanism's mainspring.


Wristwatch with additional stopwatch mechanism (start, stop and reset).


A high precision watch tested in different positions and at different temperatures, for which an official certificate has been issued by the COSC.


COSC (ContrôleOfficiel Suisse des Chronomètres) is an independent Swiss testing body. It issues a certificate for every watch that successfully passes its test.

Power reserve indicator

The power reserve indicator shows the time remaining until a mechanical watch will stop.

Large date display

A display that is approx. 2/3 larger than standard date displays. The large display makes for improved readability.

Small seconds display

The second display does not take place from the centre of the dial. This kind of display can only be produced using mechanisms constructed specially for it.

Quartz watches

A battery causes the quartz in the watch to oscillate. The time interval is derived from the oscillation of the quartz.

Sapphire crystal

The crystal consists of synthetic sapphire and is therefore extremely scratch-resistant.

Screw crown

On sports and dive watches, the crown is screwed for better sealing.